VIX Jewellery

VIX Jewellery is handmade in my workshop in the green heart of the New South Wales Southern Highlands. Living in the country, surrounded by forests, wildlife and the abundance of Nature, I find inspiration on a daily basis.  Floral and faunal motifs feature in many of my pieces.

I design and make feminine, delicate jewellery using recycled precious metals and ethically mined gemstones.  I buy my gemstones from trusted experts in the field.  I use conflict-free diamonds and if you ever see coral or ivory in any piece I make, be assured it is vintage. 

 Largely self-taught in the intricacies of this craft, I have worked with precious metals right from the start.  I use a combination of time-honoured techniques and modern technologies to create the pieces you see. Every item is made here in my studio by me.   I also do a lot of custom work and my jewellery is worn by women and men, worldwide, which is pretty cool.

I love fashion, food, travel and enjoy doing my bit for the environment,  You can visit my blog and check out related stuff there.