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Work and catch up on your reading at the same time a.k.a Multitasking

Vicki IoannouComment

Being a jewellery designer/maker is something of a solitary profession, especially when you are located in the heart of rural NSW.  Yes, we live in a house in the middle of a huge paddock. 

But, thanks to modern technology, I can actually put multitasking to further good use.  I have embraced Audible and can now “read” books while I saw, hammer and buff away at the bench.  This is brilliant for someone like me who must have all burners going at once in order to live a satisfactory life and get some work done!

I have delved head first into some books that I will share with you here.  My most recent recommendable reads are as follows:  

Witch: A Tale of Terror, by Charles McKay   Unbelievable the stuff that condemned innocent people in centuries gone by.  We are definitely living in better times, now!

Silent Child, by Sarah A. Denzil    Another “page turner” - I binged on this.  Unputdownable!

The Women in Black, by Madeleine St John  Embark on a delightful trip back in time to the Sydney of the late 1950’s.  The story is centred on a group of shop girls.  A wonderful indulgence.