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Caring for your Gemstones

Vicki IoannouComment

In order to keep gems looking as vibrant and valuable as on the first day of purchase, it is important to keep in mind a few basic rules and follow some basic care techniques.

Since genuine gemstones vary in hardness, storing them next to each other can easily result in scratches and  reduced polish. Keeping your jewellery in separated punches or tray compartments is not a problem given the types of containers available on the market, these days. Muji has a line of velvet lined trays that are really luxurious and economically priced. Alternatively, you can store your precious jewels wrapped in cloth, like silk or velvet.  Hang on to those drawstring baggies that come with your jewellery.  If you have nothing suitable, then you can hop online and find some really nice ones at an affordable price.    

Keeping your jewellery safe and packed correctly is easy and it will prevent damage.

The temperature at which gemstones are stored should be constant.  Extreme temperature fluctuation can cause gemstones to fracture.  Also, avoid keeping your gemstones in prolonged strong sunlight.  Sunlight can cause some colored gemstones to fade or discolour. 

Check for any loose gemstones every so often.  This is best done before wearing your jewellery and always remove it when engaging in housework, gardening or exercise.  As a general rule,  I always suggest to my clients they wear their jewellery only when they are doing nothing more strenuous than lifting a champagne glass!  Get your pearl or bead necklaces re-strung at least every two years, or every year if you wear them frequently!  This will save you the heartache of your favourite necklace breaking and scattering beads everywhere.

Do not wear your jewellery if there is a risk of exposure to chemicals. For example, do not wear your jewellery whilst during activities such as swimming or showering.  Chlorine can damage gemstones and soap residue leaves most fine jewellery looking quite dull.  Plus, the chemicals in cosmetics, hairspray and perfume can damage gems.  

The rule is: put jewellery on last and take jewellery off first!