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We held a Workshop ...

Vicki IoannouComment

... and everyone came!  

Well …  not quite… we had a small group of four people who were actually very interested and focussed on the job at hand.  That job was to make a fabulous piece of micro-macrame jewellery in the allocated period of four hours.  Everyone chose bracelets.  

I hadn’t run a workshop for over a year and, I must admit, was a little concerned as to how it would all pan out.  It was OK, I need not have worried.  Everyone found their zone within the first twenty-five minutes and dived right into it.  Relief!  

Colours, cords, beads and designs were discussed and mulled over and before long, the industrious sounds of the little group could be heard.  When that happens, all I have to do is ensure that every piece that walks out with its maker is a winner!  No small feat, that.  

As workshop facilitator, I spend all my time standing over participants’ shoulders looking at where they can improve their knotting and tightening, and basically keeping an eye out for anything that would lessen the experience for each person.  I answer questions, give advice, fetch drinks and snacks and generally try to keep the pace moving along nicely.  After all, they pay good money for the experience and it is my job to deliver the goods.  

You may wonder why don’t people just buy a book and try to teach themselves?  Well, the workshop experience offers a new scene (sometimes an exotic one), new faces of like-minded people, the opportunity to make new friends, professional tutoring in learning something new in a warm and friendly environment.  Great snacks.  Quality materials.  It is not about making a career choice, it is about having fun.  Like a party. Only mostly seated and with minimal alcohol consumption.  We save that for the celebration after everyone surfaces with gorgeous new jewellery!

Apparently, happy people review their positive experience with an average of eleven fellow humans.  That is pretty good, in my book.  Then those people tell others and so on.  This has been proven scientifically, so please don’t email me about it - consult Google! 

All the attendees went home with some great new pieces of handcrafted jewellery.  They were so happy and so was I - Mission Accomplished!